vcs goes zmp

The former visual culture studies class, which has been meeting and working together for over a decade with Katharina Sieverding and many many guests has been stopped by the administration and found its continuation, after a long period of political discussions, NOW! in a frame, more formally titled: Klasse für Zeitbasierte medien und Performance (class for timebased media and performance). Thanks to all people who contributed to that very unusual and important collaboration.
Thanks especially to Madeleine Bernstorff, who had been one of those and who now, as a guest professor, is commissioned to pull together the strings of what has been practiced, discussed and worked out and the possible ways where that could move to- towards and with a totally new group/class/crowd, who will find out what can be be done. And how.

As a base for this semester Madeleine organised SO IS THIS.NOW., a filmprogram in Cinema Arsenal on wednesday evenings. On thursday noons afterwards there will be discussions on and about the seen films and class-presentations with her in UdK, Hardenbergstr.33., room 226.
Watch out! The program starts this week.

Upcoming meetings are posted on the blog, everyone is welcome at any time to present works and thoughts or just join the program and the sessions. If there happen to be any questions though, you might contact us via Anna, the new tutor of the class:

Thanks to the support of the Frauenbeauftragte, Interflugs, the Fachschaft BK and Arsenal who make the screenings and the invititation of guests possible!

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