new students welcome!

dear all udk students and guests from anywhere else!

this october, our class makes a brandnew start titled: Klasse für zeitbasierte Medien und Performance / Class for Timebased Media and Performance (ZMP)
with Madeleine Bernstorff as official guestprofessor.
finale 2011

We hope you enjoyed our end-of-the-summer-term- GALA DER GÄSTE on monday the 11th of july and the Rundgang; and we are very happy to invite everyone to our first meeting next term. Bring works and ideas to present; we plan upcoming subjects and themes to discuss together. Means: if you want to get involved try to certainly be there for the first sessions!!

The dates are soon put up on this blog but will be as well communicated to you if you send an email of interest to
see you all very soon, looking forward! yours vcs/zmp class

(videostill/matthias kahnt)

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